education consultant, grant writer, evaluator

advocating for educators, children, families, and innovative programs

I'm passionate about things that help people. For almost 20 years, this has meant learning about and collaborating with organizations and programs that work to improve the lives of individuals, families, and communities through education.

A recent transplant to Island Pond, Vermont, I've done lots of different stuff. I'm a first-generation college graduate with master's and PhD degrees in educational psychology, with an emphasis in learning, cognition, instruction, and motivation. As a doctoral student, I completed all academic coursework for a master's degree in program evaluation. I've since earned certificates in teaching and academic language therapy for dyslexia and completed half the coursework for a master's degree in clinical mental health counseling

In these and other roles, I've been a... social and learning sciences researcher; instrument and protocol developer; peer reviewer of conference proposals and journal articles; speaker, presenter, facilitator, and moderator; author; editor; middle school special education and mathematics teacher and department chair; part-time educational leadership faculty member; dissertation and capstone project chair and committee member; staff supervisor and manager of research, data, evaluation, and communications projects; (grant)writer and manager; program developer and director; spouse; and mother. 

I work now as an evaluation specialist for a local school district and offer consulting services on a limited basis.

This is all to say... hats! I've worn many of them! Each of these (and more) contribute to my unique perspective and broad capacities to collaborate on grants, evaluation, and education programs.

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I consult on a part-time basis, both locally and remotely from my home in the beautiful Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.